SF-801 (Ball Bearing Drawer Slide)

Full Extension, File Cabinet Drawer Slide

A quick disconnection and installation with the bracket design

Height: 35.3mm [1.39"]

Side Space: 20mm [0.79"]

Load Ratings: 54 kg / 119 lbs 

Model No.: SF-801 (Ball Bearing Drawer Slide)
Material: High Tensile Strength Steel Material
Mounting: Side

Screw mounting

Full Extension, File Cabinet Drawer Slide

Height: 35.3mm [1.39"]
Side Space: 20mm [0.79"]
Load Ratings: 54 kg / 119 lbs 
Lenghts: 305-711mm [12"-28"]
Finish: Zinc, ED Black

** In order to facilitate fast and easy assembly BinYuann Ball Bearing Slides into steel furniture slides can be supplied with mounting lugs formed out the cabinet member. 



SF-801 (三節式重型檔案櫃用抽屜鋼珠滑軌)

材質: 高張力鋼板 / 不鏽鋼
安裝方式: 側面安裝
特性: 側板與抽屜均使用螺絲固定
高度: 35.3mm [1.39"]
間隙: 20mm [0.79"]
載重: 在457mm [18"]的鋼珠滑軌長度使用下可承受54 kg / 119 lbs.
尺寸規格: 305-711mm [12"-28"] (每2"增加倍數長度)
表面處理: 電著黑色、鍍鋅、五彩鍍鋅